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“I have had the good fortune to work with Sigma Contracting, Inc. on several significant projects dating back 10 years. It is with great enthusiasm that I accept this opportunity to express my admiration and gratitude towards this exceptional company and it’s leader, Dan Hinkson. Additionally, what I find most rewarding is the relationship between the client, contractor and architect. Dan is as committed as I am to the power of a true collaborative team and I believe we have produced extraordinary achievements together.”
Edward Jones, RA, Principal, Jones Studio, Inc.

Periodically building owners and property managers are faced with the challenge of renovating their property.  Whether these projects are major structural improvements or only minor cosmetic upgrades, it is important they be completed in a way that limits the potential adverse impact of construction on tenants and customers.  When Sigma’s began in 1983, the majority of our projects were renovations, and this type of work has become a tradition and continues to be part of the work we enjoy.  Renovation work allows our Sigma team to think outside the box and to be creative, because each project requires a different set of approaches to be taken to meet specific challenges.  It requires skilled planning and allocations of appropriate resources well in advance for the plan to be properly executed.  With the volume of renovation work completed by Sigma our team fully understands the challenges of this type of work and knows how to collaborate with the design team to assist with the execution of design and construction. 

Sigma provides a unique service to help business owners save time and money, and protect them from making decisions that can create renovation nightmares, with our project planning/design and management services.  Sigma provides on-site pre-inspection to help determine the challenges faced in renovation work.  We help our clients understand about the building deficiencies and the challenges of renovating their properties.  We have the resources to provide preliminary concept drawings allowing our clients to see potential ideas for consideration.  With a preliminary concept drawing our estimating team will provide our clients with conceptual budgets which helps them to understand their potential costs very early in the process. 



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