Sigma Contracting

Mission and Vision

“The quality that Rick and the subs have done so far is outstanding… I am impressed with how smoothly everything has gone… Rick goes to great lengths to keep everything on track and coordinated and it really shows and he has consistently shown great consideration to the owners and tenants… I wanted to thank you again for being involved with that project and hope we can get you into many.”
Gerald J. Gagnepain AIA, CSI, Lamb Architects


We realize that our greatest value to our clients is our dedication to their success, our ability to effectively manage their project while working seamlessly as a team, and our determination to overcome all obstacles with a cooperative and positive attitude, in an effort to provide a smooth and enjoyable experience. 


Every single day we dedicate ourselves to giving our best efforts on behalf of our valued clients.  Providing exceptional quality throughout all phases of every project is a personal commitment that starts with Sigma’s leaders.  This is why we build. Delivering exceptional service and extraordinary projects every time. It is our passion and our strength.

We serve as an example and are recognized for our honesty, integrity, quality, ability, and performance.

We provide construction services of the highest quality and value.

We deliver projects with a team of construction professionals committed to excellence and personal service.

Our collaborative team effort sets us apart from our competition. 

The best subcontractors seek our business and appreciate our fairness, promptness, and competence. 

Our clients know that in Sigma they have a team in which they can have total trust and confidence, one that is knowledgeable, with disciplined professionals.

We have one goal:  the successful completion of our clients’ vision and projects through our expertise and diligent oversight at a fair price. 

Overall, we provide an exceptional and enjoyable construction experience from which all involved take great pride in a job well done, a project well built.

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