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“I have never seen a more genuine collaborative business nurturing and development support from the construction industry in my 33 years of practice as a licensed Architect… their reputation is the result of direct human caring and support driven by Dan Hinkson, Jerry Patterson and the Sigma Contracting staff.”
Roger Manny, Retail Program Director, Jacobs Carter Burgess

There is strong evidence that constructability reviews have a very high benefit to cost ratio, and can result in a 2% to 5% reduction in construction costs.

Sigma performs Constructability Reviews on plans while they are being developed to eliminate and reduce conflicts, errors and omissions in design documents. 

Sigma’s process results in better plans and specifications and less construction problems, delays, and contract change orders while enhancing the achievement of program objectives of safety, quality, productivity, schedule, and cost.

The outcome is less subcontractor claims for both time and money.  Sigma’s goals for an enhanced constructability process are to:

·         Reduce costs and enhance quality

·         Review documents for completeness and accuracy

·         Assess the practicality of construction from the proposed design

·         Reduce addenda

·         Reduce change/extra work orders

·         Make recommendations for more cost-efficient alternative materials or design

·         Improve project schedules

·         Improve public and construction safety

·         Increase compatibility on environmental requirements and construction practices

·         The end goal is to eliminate all coordination problems prior to the start of construction 




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